Holding Luxury to the Highest Standard

Let us change the way you see diamonds and fine jewelry…by being one of the first jewelry innovators who think more about You than anything else.  With 2 generations of expertise, our family-owned business already has a plethora of knowledge and experience hand selecting only top-grade products. So, tell us about you, and together we can achieve a customized creation to exceed even your highest expectations.


At LC we combine our expertise with modern innovations in application and design. .

Our multi-generational experience:

Allows us to bring you only exemplary products, such as high-quality polished diamonds of fancy shapes, and fancy colored variations. We have a vast supply of diamonds and have an array of fine jewelry as well.

We Provide 1-on-1 dedication to meet our customer’s needs. Clients can call anywhere, at any time for immediate assistance.

Our modern approaches:

Allow you to explore all your options online with ease and quick response time. We have a unique system of logistics as well. Most clients cannot buy loose stones from direct from a manufacturer or wholesale company.

We provide an open market to the consumer, where they can purchase stones directly from us. We offer dealers’ prices to private customers.


 Our young, talented staff can then customize your own piece of jewelry.  With impeccable taste, we turn loose stones into the jewelry you’ve only dreamed of.


With time, we will be building this web-site to offer other luxury brand products including apparel, shoes, accessories, and cars. We will become your one-stop-shop for high-end retail at wholesale prices.


From diamonds and beyond… Let us change the way you see Luxury!